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We personally have been in bad companies that didn’t know the value of leadership. And it drove us to be different and build a better way. Almost two decades later of learning, growing, and implementing personal and business leadership alongside organizational structuring principles has afforded us the opportunity to teach all we’ve learned so your foundation is unshakable.

Substructure Consulting Group was birthed for one purpose – to equip you with the tools to strengthen the foundation of your company with a healthy culture and streamlined systems, all so your organization can reach its maximum collective potential. Michael Johns, founder and CEO, has spent the last 18 years of his life studying, growing, honing, and implementing his leadership and pouring that knowledge into countless individuals and companies. From his early beginnings leading volunteers and students in a non-profit organization, to the present where he consults for businesses and CEOs to grow their leadership and make their business healthy, Michael has built a solid reputation of being able to successfully grow the leadership of others so their companies can thrive.

Services We Offer

Our leadership and business consulting services are highly customizable to fit your exact needs, desires, and budget. We offer 3 individualized tracks that can be extremely tailored to you and the specifics of your team and organization. With the exception of our one-on-one leadership training, we always begin each consulting track with building organizational health through the use of discovering your specific ‘playbook’ unique to you and your company, and then tailoring our services from any track to meet your needs & the needs of your business. The following lists are a general guide where we begin with clients.

One-on-One Leadership Consulting

  • Coaching Leaders to find their ‘Primary Aim’, a deep dive into the true aim of what each individual wants out of their careers and businesses
  • Hyper-focused leadership training on an individual’s top areas of strength based on time-tested leadership and personality assessment tools (Myers-Briggs, DISC, etc.)
  • Specific areas of personal leadership training consisting of:
      • Delegating (training leaders to delegate so they can focus more on their specific roles, as well as delegating with a purpose to develop new team members into better leaders instead of just better employees)
      • Time Management pertaining to Your Business
      • Servant Leadership/Serving from ‘Bottom-to-Top’
      • Vision Casting
      • Communication
      • Continual Improvement
      • Creating & Embracing Change
      • Inviting Criticism & Feedback for Personal & Business Growth
      • Creating & Sustaining Culture
      • Decision Making
      • Developing & Recognizing Leaders within Your Organization
      • Efficiency
      • Handling Failures/Reframing How You View Failure
      • Creating Strong Habits
      • Developing Your Influence
      • Investing Resources (e.g. – time, money, talent) Instead of ‘Spending’ Resources
      • Meetings & Meeting Structure
      • Authenticity in Leadership
      • Problem Solving
      • Developing Stronger People & Relationship Skills
      • Bringing Clarity to Your Purpose & Calling
      • Self-Control & Discipline
      • Leading, Growing, & Inspiring Your Team/Building Stronger Teamwork (with a focus on leading the specific personalities on your team)
      • Finding Your “Why” & Effectively Communicating It to Your Team
      • Finding Your Values & Leading ‘From’ Them

Executive Team Coaching

  • Coaching CEOs and Department Heads to find their ‘Primary Aim’, a deep dive into the true aim of what each individual wants out of their business
  • Facilitating a 2-Day ‘Excavation’, which is an off-campus meeting where our consultants lead Executive Teams into a comprehensive deep dive focusing on building healthy teams, as well as building out their ‘playbook’. This helps teams find their crystal clear vision and allows them to hone in on, communicate, and execute the CEO’s vision with clarity, precision, and a strategic plan on how to implement that vision in order to create alignment throughout the company (if schedules don’t permit for a 2-day off-campus meeting, this can also be accomplished via 4 separate 4-hour meetings, though we strongly suggest condensing these 4 meetings into no longer than a 2-3 week time period to ensure the continual focus of the team on this pivotal matter)
  • Helping Executive Teams find and develop their unique strategic objective – a comprehensive dive into what truly sets a business apart from its competition
  • Devising strategies that allow the Executive Team to implement their company’s strategic objective into every facet of the organization, as well as to clearly communicate the strategic objective to Upper Management and Department heads so it reaches every facet of the business and cascades from ‘bottom-to-top’ for company-wide alignment
  • Training CEOs and Executives to run extremely effective meetings to accomplish company’s goals
  • Helping CEOs and Executive Teams build out their unique strategy for leading their employees and team members, consisting of:
      • Training to hire more effectively (based on the company’s playbook & values) so there is substantially less employee turnover by ensuring each newly hired team member is a quality fit for the company
      • Training to welcome and onboard new team members that creates immediate buy-in into the company’s vision and values
      • Building incentive-based programs that reward team members who reinforce the organization’s strategic objective in and throughout all they do
  • Training with the Executive Team and all required leaders and department heads to ensure clear communication is happening and that leaders are continually pursuing organization health
  • Coaching through quarterly off-campus meetings to ensure goals are being met, clarity and alignment are continually being reinforced, and teams are striving toward optimal organizational health
  • Personal leadership coaching throughout the entire process
  • Leading Executive Teams to accomplish company-wide organizational structuring

Organizational Structure

  • Training for Upper-Management and Department Heads to effectively communicate the CEO’s vision and the Executive Team’s playbook and strategic objective throughout every department in order to create ‘buy-in’ and alignment throughout the company
  • Coaching to create a healthy and manageable organizational system that consists of a company-wide org-chart matrix, followed by specific position contracts and key responsibility areas for each role within the company, all of which creates clarity across the organization by eliminating ambiguity amongst departments and team members
  • Training Department Heads to create systems and programs designed to reinforce organizational health and core behaviors and ideas that the company is built upon, thereby reinforcing the company’s vision and ‘institutionalizing’ its values into the fabric of the company (Incentive programs, team-member review programs, etc.)
  • Helping teams build operation manuals for each role within the company to create a high level of consistency and quality that allows the company to lead more effectively with structure and reach their stated goals
  • Coaching in the area of ‘servant leadership’ to ensure quality leadership principles are instilled in Upper Management, while simultaneously training on how to push those principles and traits ‘upward’ into each and every department
  • Coaching teams in their build out of ‘soft and hard’ system strategies that allow for better efficiency, effectiveness, clarity and structure throughout the organization (soft systems consist of people-based systems that are fluid in nature: e.g. – script for how a team member answers the phone, script for dealing with in-person customers, script for walking through a potential sale, etc.; hard systems consist of physical systems that are exact in their nature, regardless of circumstance: e.g. – inventory systems, phone systems, production line systems, finance systems, etc.)
  • Coaching through quarterly off-campus meetings to ensure goals are being met, clarity and alignment are continually being reinforced, and teams are striving toward optimal organizational health
  • Personal leadership coaching throughout the entire process
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We deliver leadership and organizational tools that add value to you personally and to your business. Our sole purpose is to see the growth of your leadership and the strengthening of the foundation of your company. And this journey couldn’t be any easier to begin. Simply give us a call or email to schedule a free 30-minute introductory consultation so you can learn how we can tailor our expertise to fit your specific needs.

  • We raise your leadership to the next level
  • We personally walk with you through your obstacles to help you overcome
  • We get results time and time again

1-on-1 Leadership Training

We come alongside of you with personal 1-on-1 training to grow your leadership that will ultimately raise the bar of you and your organization.

Executive Team Coaching

We help get your entire Executive Team aligned around the true vision for your company. Once complete, that alignment can cascade down throughout your entire organization.

Structure Building

Structure creates order. Order creates consistency and efficiency. That allows your business to run like a well-oiled machine so you can focus your time working ON your business instead of having to work in it.