Build a Thriving Culture

Your culture – the true ‘lived out’ values of your company expressed in how your people operate on a day-to-day basis – determines everything. And we can help you shift your work culture to one that is truly transformational.

Work ON Your Business, Not In It

Structure and order create consistency. We help you build such organization into your company so you don’t have to put energy into the day-to-day tasks and fires that erupt, but can instead focus on making your business better.

Raising the Bar of Your Leadership

Everything rises and falls on leadership, which means your company can only go as high as your leadership allows. That’s where our training steps in – to raise the bar of your leadership. The sky’s no longer the limit. We’ll help you aim for the moon.

Helping You Firm Up Your Foundation
Allow us 2 minutes of your time to show how we can help you raise the bar of all that you do so your vision becomes your reality.
What we do

Services We Provide

1-on-1 Leadership Training

We come alongside & equip you with tools to become the best leader you can possibly be.

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Executive Team Coaching

We help you create alignment for your entire executive team so your company can achieve your singular vision.

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Organizational Structure

We help you build a firm foundation of structure so your desired results are consistent & repeatable.

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Our Values

The things that each human being focuses his or her mind and time on truly matters in how that person is shaped.  We believe that wholeheartedly, so we’ve spent nearly two decades with an insanely laser-like focus on just 3 simple values to allow us to bring about true and lasting change for you and your organization.

  • We equip you with leadership tools that will transform your company
  • We help create alignment for your executive team so they lead from a singular vision
  • We strengthen the structure of your business' foundation so it handles future growth
Serving Small & Large Companies Alike

No Matter the
Size of Your Business
We Cater to Your Needs

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a ‘Mom & Pop’ down the street, we cater to all shapes and sizes of businesses in order to grow the leadership of everyone who desires to learn. If you want strong organizational health that penetrates throughout your entire company to positively affect not only those who work there, but also the customer as well, then look no further. And we can scale and cater our services no matter the size of your business – from 1 employee to 1000.

Some of Our Most Recent Clients

  • Substructure Consulting and Michael created space for me to relearn what it means to lead. Michael’s ability to meet me where I was allowed for personal and professional growth. I’m using their combined leadership methodology to grow a more robust work culture that continues to build community and productivity.

    Danny Zaverl
    Supply Chain Officer, First Honey
  • I have been struck by Michael’s integrity and honesty in both communication and conduct, which has earned my implicit trust. His dedication to excellence insists on hitting the bull’s eye every time and he’s willing to put in the time and effort to do it. Combined with his finesse for strategic leadership and vision, he is able to implement structure, strategy, and goals into teams while leading them step-by-step, all with a heart to truly see others grow.

    Michael Johnson
    Founder, Future Marriage University
  • Michael came in and completely turned our team around by creating an organized and structured environment with the strategic direction he helped us implement. We watched Michael create a good rapport with our employees that made them feel appreciated and taught them their self-worth. It resulted in our team growing in their leadership and becoming more responsible for their duties, and over time the business’ new structure began to run itself, which allowed us as owners to focus on working ‘on’ the business instead of in it.

    Cyndi Burke
    Owner, Cooked Goose Catering Company

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