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Stand Firm on Structure

If you want to build something that lasts, you start with its underlying substructure. A solid foundation is required to allow you to build upward with confidence because only then can you firmly rest in knowing the base of your business is strong to handle added growth.  That’s what solid organizational structure does. By implementing systems and procedures that fortify the way you operate your business, you can then begin to focus your time and energy to working ON your business instead of working IN it.

When it comes to organizational structure, we bring almost 2 decades of leadership to help analyze your business to find the most critical elements that need attention. Through our coaching, we then help you structure your business how you specifically desire it so it creates high-quality repeatable results time and time again. This not only creates consistency throughout your company, but it allows your business to run smoothly without you needing to be in the day-to-day minutia, which ultimately frees you to do what only you can do: lead your company well.

Organizational Structure

Structure in any organization produces clarity, which eliminates ambiguity and confusion for every employee and department. This creates a clearly visible ‘win’ for each person’s respective position within the business that allows each employee to know how to consistently succeed in their role and, ultimately, for the company. For that reason, we make this a priority as we come alongside you and your business to guide you in building organizational clarity, ranging from company-wide matrixes to clearly defined position roles for each employee, all so we can help you eliminate any vagueness within your organization and replace it with a clear structure that allows order and productivity to be your new bedrock.

People Structrure

            People are the lifeblood and greatest asset of any business, so we’ve spent years helping companies build up their internal employee-focused processes so they have a competitive edge that sets them apart. We interweave your company’s specific vision with our time-tested structures to develop and implement uniquely tailored people-systems that range from strong hiring practices that bring on the right employees, to onboarding systems that properly train all new recruits, and incentive systems that retain your best people for the long haul. Because building the right team, training them properly, and giving them the structure to do their job well gives clarity to your people, which makes them not only want to stay, but also creates an environment where they desire to work to their fullest to help you and your business thrive.

Management Structure

            Your business has hundreds or even thousands of tasks that need completed throughout the week, yet how those tasks get accomplished can differ drastically based on who is actually doing the task and how that specific individual is feeling that day. In some areas of business this can be a benefit, however in most aspects this level of personal discretion produces inconsistency that deteriorates order and quality, ultimately affecting your bottom line. As a result, we can help you structure your company’s processes so you have consistent results throughout every facet of your operations, all so your customer can rest assured knowing they are going to get the same high-quality product or service time and time again.

Systems Structure

Every company has both hard and soft systems that help it to run. Inanimate, straight-forward processes like computers and databases, machinery on an assembly line, and recipes for dinner entrées are all examples of hard systems, while the way employees answer your phones, make a sales pitch, and interact with your customers are types of soft systems due to their need to be nuanced and nimble in their reaction to other humans. Each of these systems is dependent upon the next and, when combined together, are the true underlying structure of how your business operates. Their immense importance is why we bring a laser-like focus to analyzing and streamlining your processes so they interact seamlessly with each other, thereby creating a substructure of greater efficiency and productivity for your business.

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