Executive Team Coaching

Clear Vision Unites a House, and

A House United Cannot Fall

Vision is what helps lead and steer a company. Your vision is within you and you understand it, but how well does your team? And going even farther, how well has your vision been woven into the fabric of the organization so it’s institutionalized throughout every facet of what your company does?

At Substructure Consulting Group, we feel one of the most pivotal elements to a healthy organization is clarity of vision amongst an executive team. Because if your entire leadership team is not operating from a singular vision, it has no other option but to be a house divided. That means no alignment. And a foundation not aligned cannot support a structure built upon it. However, with almost two decades of experience, we have the tools and expertise to unify your team around your vision and get them fully aligned. But if you ask us, that’s only the beginning, because an aligned team at the top still has to cascade that vision throughout the entire organization. As a result, we use our tools to coach your leadership team in weaving your vision into the fabric of your company, from executive-team decision making all the way to the structure and procedures carried out by entry-level employees. Through it all, we help build alignment into your executive team and, ultimately, reinforce your company’s organizational substructure so it’s a firm foundation of clear vision, communication, and execution that bolsters every aspect of your business.

Whether you choose our 2-day ‘off-site’ workshop for an intensive and rapid dive in, a slower more methodical weekly recurring training, or a combination of the two specifically tailored to your team’s needs, we will ensure you and your entire executive team are aligned with precision so your vision can be clearly communicated throughout the entire organization.

We Firmly Believe

Nothing Eclipses Organizational Health

Experience is an amazing teacher, and through almost 2 decades of studying and implementing leadership principles we’ve learned many things, none being more important than the correlation of an organization’s success is directly related to the organization’s health. After learning such a profound truth, we’ve spent an intense amount of time focusing on creating healthy organizations by helping leadership teams build trust, clarity, and communication so they can operate with complete alignment. As a result, we can help strengthen your team’s cohesion that will ultimately firm up your business’ foundation, which gives you the freedom to construct your wildest imaginations on top of it all.


Clarity of Vision

Sure, you know what your vision is. But does every member of your executive team clearly & effectively understand it? And even further, is that vision understood all the way down to the person filling the entry level position on the org chart? If the vision isn’t clear, then everything is a fog. That’s where we come in. Bringing clarity of your vision to your team so it’s simple, repeatable and, above all, executable.

Clear Communication

It’s great to have a clear vision, but if it’s not communicated then it’s nothing more than a mantra on a wall. Your vision has to cascade down throughout the entire organization in every form and medium so it’s institutionalized into every facet of the business. And we equip you with the tools for you to build that into your day-to-day reality.

Team-Wide Alignment

A clear vision communicated well is vital. But it only becomes effective when everyone on the team not only knows it by heart, but begins implementing it in all they do. That’s team-wide alignment. Everyone rowing in the same direction. No wasted money, time, and resources. We can help you reinforce your structure to accomplish this very task so your team can reach pure synergy.

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